Monday, January 26, 2009

White House Press Corps Choir and Band Uniform Decision Nears Agreement

In a statement issued this morning, headwear for the new White House Press Corps Choir and Band has been decided on (as seen here modeled by NBC Chief White House Correspondent, Chuck Todd). The decision on uniforms is still pending with designs from Ozwald Boateng and Project Runway finalist, Austin Scarlett rumored to be front-runners.


Anonymous said...

Lawdy, lawdy, Miss Claudy!

amaducias said...

Scandalous!!! How dare they adorn the most sacred head with anything that detracts from the beard!

(Raising my fists and shouting skyward) Damn you Gregory!!!

The Wall Street Geek said...

David Gregory just narrowly missed this one, lol!! Not only does The Chuck have to give his commentary outside in the snow in front of dump trucks, but he may also be stuck wearing a goofy press corps hat. Damn...DAMN...DAAAAMNNN!!!